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Friday, February 28, 2003  

Please see the archive for todays entry? ummm....

posted by James | 11:53 AM

Thursday, February 27, 2003  

Emily now weighs in at 7lb and half an ounce , last week she was 6lb 9oz so the weight is going on (hoorah). Which although according to the graph is still quite low she was born 2 weeks early.

posted by James | 11:49 AM

Poor ole Becky is not too well at the moment which means that Helen is looking after a poorly 5 year old and a very hungry 4 week old!
Emily is still feeding well and appears to be putting the weight on, she is due to be weighed later today.

posted by James | 11:39 AM

Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

Found this on the net today, not sure how accurate it is but it is interesting anyway.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

I appear to have lost some of the early postings due to server side errors! (not really it was me messing around).
To see how this blogging lark should be done check out this blog it's very professional and looks good.

posted by James | 11:39 AM

Monday, February 24, 2003  

Another week, and what a good result for Liverpool yesterday they are really doing well this season. Emily is still feeding well and Rebecca is off on half term this week so it will be a nice quiet week for Helen.

posted by James | 9:54 AM

Sunday, February 23, 2003  

Actually this is Helen! James has done sterling work on the blog so thought I'd better endorse it. Haven't really had the time to play with the computer lately (wonder why...) so James has been keeping you all updated. Hope everyone out there is well - I'm not doing too bad now, and can't wait to be able to drive again in 2 weeks time! Take care all.

posted by James | 1:51 AM

STILL UP Emily is still hungry!!!! she has had loads of milk this evening lets hope that she sleeps well, because I know I will given the chance, night, night.

posted by James | 1:40 AM

Saturday, February 22, 2003  

Some photo's are now on-line click on the 'photo' option on the left hand side and then use the 'Back' button on your browser to return here. The layout is not much at the mo but better to get some up now (that's what I thought anyways).

posted by James | 10:48 PM

It's the weekend (and it's even more hectic then in the week), Emily has just had 6.5 oz's of milk which for her is quite a lot and is now sleeping it off. A good result in the rugby for England although not quite the pasting that I was expecting for the Welsh.
Watched the video of Rebecca's assembly and will make a copy of it for others to view. Bye for now.

posted by James | 10:15 PM

Friday, February 21, 2003  

Just a quick hello to Kathryn and Charles who I know look at the site because I think I set it as their home page!!!!!
Just let me know if you want it changed :-)

posted by James | 1:03 PM

Went to Rebecca's school assembly this morning, Noah and the flood Rebecca had a couple of lines to say and did very well. We took Emily along and she seemed to enjoy herself although I feel that some of her remarks about the performance were uncalled for! I took the camcorder along although the school has a policy that no footage is placed on the Internet (fair enough) so I will try to get some stills from the tape to place on the site (I think that's alowed).

posted by James | 11:14 AM

Sorry no pics yet - tooooo tired to upload, maybe later today!!!

posted by James | 12:27 AM

Thursday, February 20, 2003  

The health visitor has just been and Emily now weighs 6lb 9oz which means that she has put on 10oz in the last week and is now above her birth weight of 6lb 4oz.
Although the frequent feeding can be a bit tiresome it is good to know that it is working and that she is gaining weight.

posted by James | 12:25 PM

Morning, morning Emily woke at 5am this morning for her early starter after having her supper at 1am so I am a bit bleary eyed this morning. Went to Rebecca's parents evening last night and she seems to be doing well enough although she needs to use more full stops in her writen work...........
She has her class Assembly tomorrow which is all about Noah I believe, once again if all things are equal I will take some pics for your viewing pleasure.

posted by James | 9:26 AM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

Please ignore the entry regarding using the 'home link' to view the photos as I have removed it! Please use the Photo's link on the left hand side, which at the moment contains photo's from our holiday in Borth (West Wales) last year, it will soon contain baby photo's as well.

posted by James | 10:00 PM

Photographs are being put onto CD as I type (well maybe) and they will be ready to pick up tomorrow lunchtime. I will have to resize them before putting them on the site but I would hope to have some up tomorrow.

posted by James | 1:52 PM

Feeding times for last night as follows 11:15, 2:15(yawn), 6:00 not too bad although an extra hour added onto the last feed would have been nice.
I will try and get the photographs put onto CD today so that I can post them up on the site, just click on the 'home' link on the bottom left of this page to see
the photographs, including ones from our holiday in Borth last year.

posted by James | 9:49 AM

Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

Hello from me too

posted by Helen | 10:24 PM

Welcome one and all, we hope to use this site to keep family and friends updated to all the going ons in the hectic household that is the Townsends at number 36.
Thank you to everyone who has sent cards and gifts to us for Emily and Rebecca we apreciate them very much and we know who you are!! We will be getting round to those thank you letters very soon!!!!
Everyone is well and Emily is at last putting all those pounds on that she lost in her first week, she will be weighed on Thursday and I will let you all know how she is doing.
I will be putting some photographs up soon so watch this space.

The Townies xxx

posted by James | 4:43 PM

Getting to grips with this blogging now, fast learner me eh?

posted by James | 3:43 PM

Hi, this is my first post to the site, needless to say that there is not much here at the moment, but keep checking back!

posted by James | 3:09 PM

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