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Saturday, January 31, 2004  

close but no cigar...

Oh, what a sorry state of affairs, if they keep performing like this then I will have no option but to start following Charlton who still remain higher in league with a much less expensive squad of players.
Anyway of to watch Glocuester play Newcastle weekend at Kingsholm, should be a good match.

posted by James | 1/31/2004 11:34:29 PM

Thursday, January 29, 2004  

would you like fries with that?

the all new Mcdonalds diet!

posted by James | 1/29/2004 02:35:54 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004  

oh, the weather outside is

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........................brrrrrrrr

posted by James | 1/28/2004 04:43:37 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

and the winner is....

Here are the finalists for the 2004 SXSW web awards in the weblog section....

ADD v.4

what do you think?

compared to my feeble effort at a blog these are quite good, but are they the best out there? from my brief viewings of them so far they all seem very graphical and slow to load even on BB.

posted by James | 1/27/2004 04:51:29 PM

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.........

Wishing a very happy birthday to daughter no.2 Emily, who is one year old today. She is a bit unwell at the moment and still has her leg in plaster from when she fell and fractured it a couple of weeks ago, the plaster should be coming off on Monday all being well. Photo's as and when.......

'Young Emily has a Greenstick Fracture just above her ankle on her left leg. She will be in plaster for the next three weeks, which means that she will celebrate her 1st birthday with her leg in plaster......nice.'

taken from the entry on Jan 13th.

posted by James | 1/27/2004 04:01:55 PM

Monday, January 26, 2004  

Out with the old and in with the new....

It must be that time of year, Dangerousmeta! has now been re-designed following hot on the heals of airbag

Boy swaps MikeRoweSoft for Xbox - the lastest regarding Mr Mike Rowe and his battle with Microsoft

posted by James | 1/26/2004 11:45:52 AM

Thursday, January 22, 2004  

as if again

A new Mike joins Mike Rowe in Microsoft's legal crosshairs

posted by James | 1/22/2004 11:12:08 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

as if.....

Microsoft has admitted it took things 'too seriously' when its lawyers threatened a 17-year-old student called Mike Rowe over his domain name

posted by James | 1/21/2004 03:48:34 PM

Monday, January 19, 2004  

Tag Board

I have added the afore-mentioned board down below on the right, give it a try and leave me a message....go on you know you want to......

posted by James | 1/19/2004 04:27:32 PM

Friday, January 16, 2004  

Olympic Bid

So London is bidding for the 2012 Olympics, what do you think? good idea or bad, let me know.


A great eye for a picture

I like this a lot, very unique and the pictures (although large and very slow to download via dial-up) are just great!

posted by James | 1/16/2004 01:58:07 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2004  

This entry is for Helen x

for more of me click here!

posted by James | 1/15/2004 03:33:11 PM

Hackers with humour

Hackers tell man he's "too fat" to eat at Burger King

posted by James | 1/15/2004 09:25:43 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

Poor Emily

Young Emily has a Greenstick Fracture just above her ankle on her left leg. She will be in plaster for the next three weeks, which means that she will celebrate her 1st birthday with her leg in plaster......nice.

posted by James | 1/13/2004 11:22:34 AM

Do you Googlewhack?

I have been unable to find one so far, well a legal one anyway, 'canofworms lung' returns only one match but the use of canofworms I believe is illegal.

posted by James | 1/13/2004 11:11:25 AM

Thursday, January 08, 2004  

Full of hot air? I think not

Check out airbag's great new design, well done Greg, it was worth the wait.

posted by James | 1/8/2004 09:58:05 AM

Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

A change is as good as a rest

I have changed the way this blog is displayed, you will now only see the current month's entries on this page, for all other entries please see the archives. I think that this is how it should have been all along. It makes it look neater and means that each month's entries are kept seperate and do not merge into each other.

In other news.....I have made 44 from the sale of items at the Amazon Marketplace, not a king's ransom I'll admit but, I was not using these items and they were just gathering dust.

posted by James | 1/7/2004 12:22:47 PM

Monday, January 05, 2004  

Where we lead the rest follow

It is a difficult task chosing a name for your child, the pressure is huge. The child and then the adult must go through life with the name that you choose. When we were looking into names prior to the birth of our second child we looked in books and on-line to assist in the choice. We were then left with a shortlist of about 3 boys and 3 girls names.
Our top girls name was Emily and as we had a little girl this is now her name for the rest of her life. We chose it because we both liked it and as we did not know of many girls called Emily thought it was not a too popular name.

So this item of news is somewhat interesting.

Chloe has lost its status as the most chosen name for baby girls for the first time in seven years. Emily takes the top spot in England and Wales with Ellie second and Chloe forced into third place.

1. Emily
2. Ellie
3. Chloe
4. Jessica
5. Sophie
6. Megan
7. Lucy
8. Olivia
9. Charlotte
10. Hannah

and the boys...

1. Jack
2. Joshua
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Daniel
6. Oliver
7. Benjamin
8. Samuel
9. William
10. Joseph

p.s. It's good to see that I am still hanging in there at No.4

Click here to see the top 100 boys names over the last 5 years, and here for the girls.

posted by James | 1/5/2004 03:15:01 PM
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