Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Missing archives

Okay, so Blogger have not been able to transfer the vast majority of my archives onto the new template! I emailed them and have heard nothing (although it was only a week and a half ago so they may still get back to me). So I have added them myself. On the plus side it does mean that you can see the old template which will be quite nice for all you d&c old timers.

Monday, May 24, 2004


Liverpool Football Club today announced they have parted company with manager Gerard Houllier.

Apple tackles Mac security flaw

'Apple users have been updating their software to close a security hole which could, in theory, expose their computers to attack.
On Friday, Apple warned of a flaw in its Safari web browser which could allow malicious code to be run on a machine without a user's permission.'
Apple's have up until now been fairly safe in terms of attacks from viruses, could this be that the virus writers have been targeting Windows machines to gain the most publicity as it would effect the most machines. With more people using Apple's they could end up being a victim of their own success.
No machine regardless of it's make is completely safe when connected to the net, all we can try to do is to make our machines as safe as possible (anti-virus, firewall etc).....and hope!

Friday, May 21, 2004

another smaller one, just testing the Hello software that allows you to publish photo's quickly and easily to your blog. It automatically re-sizes them and allows you to add comments and borders if you wish.
Re-sizing is one of the major issues that I have when posting to the blog as most of the pictures need to be reduced in size if you want your visitors to be able to see it without waiting hours for the image to download.

Just a test, Good looking bloke! Posted by Hello

Google fleetingly offers some 1,000GB

Google raised storage limits for some users of its e-mail service by a factor of 1,000, but the change was a glitch the search engine company is working to reverse

Gates backs blogs for businesses

Blogs are good for business, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said.

I am not sure if Michael Hanscom would agree with Mr Gates on this. Mr Hanscom lost his job with Microsoft because he took pictures of Apple G5's being delivered to it's Redmond HQ, which he then posted on his blog
Mr Gates obviously did not think that this blog was good for his business!

Shrek 2 Part II

Computer animated sequel Shrek 2 has broken box office records in the US, taking $11.8m (6.7m) in one day. It has scored the biggest midweek opening ever for an animated feature, beating the record set by Pokemon: The First Movie in 1999.

Gmail Swap

sorry Chris, I have just found this site and may be able to swap the gmail account for an all expenses paid trip to the Olympics.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Review: Shrek 2

In the league of crowd-pulling Hollywood names, the only difference between Tom Cruise and Shrek is that the animated fat, green ogre does not get paid $25m (14m) per movie. Watch the first 5 minutes of Shrek2

Rare cello escapes CD rack fate

A rare 320-year-old stolen Stradivarius cello had a narrow escape - from being converted into a CD holder.

Arcane archive

I am happy enough so far with the new layout, although I do seem to have lost last years archive, which I am a bit upset about. Not sure what happened so I have sent an email to Blogger support and am waiting to hear back from them! Helen is well pleased with the photo that I chose to display on her profile!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Childish but fantastic

I have to admit that, although I might be in my early thirties, a mum with two young children, and an Independent reader - I was absolutely thrilled to read today that Tony Blair was hit in the commons with a condom filled with purple flour.

OK, so it might have been part of a protest by Fathers 4 Justice (and good on them) but it was wonderful to see. Just it shame it didn't stain properly.

I am, by the way, not a Blair/Bush "hey let's nuke 'em all!" fan. Roll on the election. I would just love it if everyone voted for the Lib Dems at the next election - can you imagine the reaction?! Half the senior politicians in the country would pass out from shock. Labour and the Tories are so similar, and so convinced the fight is just between them - it would be nice to jerk their chains a little...

No doubt security will be increased to protect poor TB and his mates whilst 'working', and an 'enquiry' will be launched to find out what went wrong (and to spend all our cash pointlessly). Just read the newspapers guys...


Reading matters

I've been thinking about the small collection of papers/magazines that I read regularly and what they may say about my place in the circle of life.

I read The Independent newspaper almost daily (marvellous now they have the small format). Now does that make me independent, or does it just mean that I wish I was??

The Radio Times (so much more than a TV listings magazine) always appears without fail every Tuesday. James is convinced that it breeds quietly behind the sofa. And says so every time I buy a new one. I even do the little Trackword, but only ever the quick version of the crossword as I don't watch enough soaps to get much of the main quiz right. Is that sad?

Monthly, I get BBC Gardeners' World magazine. OK, ok, so I like gardening. I may not have much time in mine, but I love reading about it. Here's a tiny yet thrilling quiz for you - I'm making a potager at the moment. Anyone know what one is? Most people I mention it to have no idea...

The only magazine we get by subscription is The Ecologist. My word, but it's grim out there. Essential reading to ensure you never support Coca Cola, the supermarkets, the government, the NHS, etc., etc. ever again. Absolutely fascinating and a real eye-opener. Maybe this one is for the part of me that wishes I'd been a real rebel in my youth, protesting, taking drugs, etc.

Anyone got a duller selection?!


Well what have here then....

a new template. Yes I could not resist the urge to have a change, well the old template served us well all this time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The new blog with go faster stripes...

Just to say how much better the blog page is now James!  It loads up a LOT faster than previously.  And the new pop-up windows for the links are a huge improvement - no more going 'back' and waiting for it to load again!
And last but not least, thank you so much for putting the space into the title for me.  Been bugging me for ages...

Gmail Account

Gmail Account..... going....going....

If anyone out there would like a brand new unused gmail account I have one going spare. Let me know via the comment section.

Have your Google people talk to my 'googol' people

Birmingham sign Heskey

Birmingham have signed Liverpool striker Emile Heskey for an initial fee of 3.5m, which could rise to 6.25m.

Monday, May 17, 2004


to Arsenal, a whole season unbeaten is something. Even the great Liverpool teams of the 70's and 80's could not manage this feat. It is a shame though that this Arsenal team did not progress further in the Champions league. As for my team Liverpool they started to play well in the final few games of the season and clinched 4th place (only 15 points behind United, and 30 behind Arsenal).

If Liverpool were to lose Owen and Gerrard then they would be a middle of the table team.

Better news for Gloucester though as they booked their place in the Zurich Wildcard final.

ummm...new Blogger templates, I am very tempted to change the look of this site using one of the new templates. Although change for the sake of change may not be the best option. If it ain't broke etc etc.

House prices rising 1,100 a week

Comic Izzard promoting life story

oh dear

Apple? What a pip - but she's no Emily

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well, well, well...

It would appear the James (the handsome, clever and resourceful one doing the washing up at the moment) has engineered this blog so that I can post something via e-mail, instead of having to find my password details and my notes on how to post directly.  The reason I very rarely blog is that my smaller woman's brain finds it hard to cope with the intricacies of advanced blogging that men find so easy - hence my lack of entries.  Hopefully I can now astound and delight you all with my inferior knowledge, poor craftsmanship and blinkered observations.  Or maybe James will regret this day's work (imagine a cinema voice of doom there).
Anyway, this is just a test to see if the thing works properly - so hi to all you happy campers out there in blog-land!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Publishing from Email

This post was brought to you by the letters E-M-A-I and L