Friday, March 31, 2006

I’ve got to go to the vale… the vale of er pewter

OK so at last here it is the new series of green wing it is on tonight at 9pm on Chanel 4, you have been warned.

Episode 1
Who would have thought a trip to the seaside in a stolen ambulance would have led to this? Caroline has to come to terms with the devastating consequences, while Joanna has to come to terms with the fact that she accidentally slept with her son.

each week we shall profile one of the cast it's Dr Guillaume Valerie Secretan.....

The self-appointed hospital lothario, nobody loves Guy more than himself. In his mind his Swiss charm and rugged good looks make him irresistible to all women, particularly Caroline, and he needs a spreadsheet of sexy nurses to keep track of his potential conquests. A terrifying public school education has left him vulnerable and scarred, which explains why he spends his time trying to prove he’s better than Mac and bullying Martin relentlessly. He is the reigning “Guyball” world champion.

“That’s how I lost my virginity, she had nice tits for a forty-five year old, I haven’t seen her since though”

“Drink my pee, pull like me”

“I’ve got to go to the vale… the vale of er pewter”

“Long term? It’s an airport car park. Monogamy? A nice dark sort of wood, sideboards. The C-word? ‘unt – well, did I pass?”

Stephen Mangan completed two films last year: Annie Griffin’s Festival and improvised film Confetti for BBC Films. Other film credits include An Hour in Paradise, while television appearances include Lucky Jim, The Armando Iannucci Shows, I’m Alan Partridge and Sword of Honour. Stephen has appeared in a number of stage productions, having recently finished performing The Magic Carpet at The Lyric in Hammersmith. Theatre credits also include his role in Billy Ellliot (as Dr Crane), Much Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night and The People Are Friendly.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2012 Olympic Competitor

'Ok, the bid is simple : Find a sport, train hard, gain Olympic qualifying standard, convince a country to give me nationality and a place on their Olympic team, raise £1m for charity and be there at London 2012.

I’m 33 and with limited sporting talent. My plan, although possibly brave, bold and crazy in equal measure is a perfectly serious bid and I'm delighted to have you here following the story.

I have no idea if what I'm attempting to do is achieveable, but I do know that have the splendid stubborn genes passed from father to son that will stand me in good stead.'

full bbc on-line article....

Friday, March 24, 2006

Who would have guessed!

What were the chances of this happening!!!!

Here is the other semi-final

Charlton Athletic or Middlesbrough v West Ham

well Liverpool have already put Man Utd out of the cup, next Chelsea.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thats more like it!!!!

Liverpool crushed struggling Birmingham to reach the last four of the FA Cup.

One minute they can't score any and now they are scoring for fun!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweet Quiz

Well somebody was very quick with those two clues! Whoever you are Anonymous, well done!

As they were so easy....

3. Get-your-gun plant embryos - rubbish!
4. The joy of those to the right of Greece.

PLEASE send your answer using the e-mail link at the foot of the page if you can - otherwise everyone else can see it too!! Again the quickest will get a personal mention - leave us a first name or nickname if you fancy fame and stardom.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh for the wing...

With reference to James' earlier post regarding the obscenely brilliant Green Wing, we will of course be watching the new series when it starts on Channel 4 soon. Hurray! We'll be watching every episode our lovely daughters allow us to (Em has a habit of waking at some point in the late evening - it varies so as not to allow us to plan anything or get complacent).

Can't wait... I wonder if they'll carry straight on from the cliff-hanger at the end of the last series?


Sweet Quiz

I'm compiling a quiz for the tennis club on the subject of sweets, and trying to make my clues as cryptic as possible. Thought I'd see how easy they are to get. The answer is the name of a sweet or chocolate. If you get it right, I'll acknowledge your genius in a post.

CLUE: Large wooden plant fed up with chopped meat.

Too easy? Another one, you say?... Ok.

CLUE 2: Dairy tanker spilt contents down path.

I'll be waiting...!!


Friday, March 17, 2006

Well. Finally I'm making it onto the blog. James has set me up (in a blogging sense, obviously) and I can start to contribute. I won't be trying to put in any articles about football though, being just a woman and all that. This post is a bit of background about me, but it won't always be. Promise.

My interests are quite diverse, though for any Anthea Turner fans out there, I'm afraid I'm not particularly wowed by housework. I like to adopt a relaxed, homely atmosphere in the house, which while keeping actual dirt and filth at bay, does allow for a bit of cat fluff, biscuit crumbs in the carpet, yuk in the bit between the cooker and the cupboard which I can't reach, and books and toys on the floor at times. I do hoover, I do clean, I do wash up and tidy things away. I just never get to that 'show-home' look. Frankly, I quite like my home to look homey - although it does mean that if anyone comes to stay with us, we have perfected a frantic 3-hour clean and tidy operation which works quite well. That's it for housework I'm afraid - the fact that Anthea made an entire series about it I find quite worrying!

I like music - I play the piano, and like listening to lots of different kinds of music except lift-music. I love reading and have just finished doing a 6-year degree in Earth Sciences with the OU (they were great). I like gardening and am doing a garden design course at the moment, which is fascinating (if surprisingly complicated). I also play tennis for our local tennis club, and love cats and my family - not necessarily in that order of course! I am chuffed to bits that Green Wing is back - the first series was utterly brilliant, and I loved Julian Rhind-Tutt even though he had ginger hair (this is rare). I drink whisky, and my favourites are Edradour, Famous Grouse, and Glenmorangie (neat or with the tiniest splash of water). Don't you feel better for knowing all that?

Don't get me started on politics, yob culture, the Labour party, George Bush, building on greenfield and flood sites, Tesco and other big supermarkets, the loss of farming and in fact every trade that doesn't involve a call-centre, and advertising to children. Obviously you can get me started if you wish, but I can get quite worked up you know.

Until next time, byee.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

That's more like it

A good result at last for Liverpool and Mr Fowler scored as well

Monday, March 13, 2006

100 hits since 16th Feb

Since putting the counter on the site I have received 100 hits! Not a huge amount compared to some sites but not bad for a site that is rarely updated and contains utter nonsense. It would appear from the stats that the vast majority of hits are from people searching for 'Green Wing' on the Google images site. I posted an entry on the 29th October 2004 called 'Goodbye dear friends .....' which lamented the end of the series. The second series has been widely anticipated now for quite a while and this is reflected in the search results. The image is the sixth most popular on Google images for 'Green Wing'.

Total 100
Average Per Day 10
Average Visit Length 0:22
Last Hour 1
Today 5
This Week 71

Friday, March 10, 2006

Not Yet!

The richest people in the world...ever

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crystal Ball!

I think I may need to polish my crystal ball, as it was not quite accurate with the football last night. Instead of a 3-1 win for Liverpool they lost 2-0 on the night resulting in a 3-0 aggregate score.
They may well have been the current champions but with a performance like that they did not desereve to progress in Europes premier footballing event!

They are just not scoring enough goals, over the two legs 180 minutes of football they did not manage to score one goal and and this level it is just not good enough.

'A top-quality striker is likely to be Benitez's priority. Liverpool failed to find the net in their last four Champions League matches'

Ironically the Benfica player who scored the first goal was approached by Liverpool but Benfica wanted more money than Liverpool were prepared(able) to pay! this says it all, Liverpool the reigning European Champions unable to buy quality players.


Congratulations to Arsenal though who for once are performing well in Europe.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A warm welcome to our Chinese friend(s)

I noticed from my stats that I had a visitor(s) from Beijing yesterday and they stayed on the site for 13 minutes 35 seconds (which is about 13 minutes 34 seconds more than every one else).

I do hope your stay here was enjoyable.

My Crystal (Foot)Ball

Liverpool 3 Benfica 1

Liverpool win 3-2 on aggregate!!! you wait and see, I will be right.


Liverpool and Benfica have met on seven previous occasions in European competition, with Liverpool winning five times and Benfica twice.

Liverpool have won all three matches against Benfica played in England, 4-1, 1-0 and 3-1.

Both of Benfica's victories came in matches played in Portugal and both were won 1-0, the last being the first leg of this tie.

Liverpool have hosted Portuguese clubs on six occasions, winning five and drawing once. The sole draw was against Boavista (1-1) in a Champions League group phase match in September 2001.

Benfica have lost seven of their eight matches in England, their only victory coming in November 1991 at Arsenal (1-3).

Liverpool reached the final of the Champions Cup in each of the three seasons in which they played Benfica.

Benfica have been eliminated from European competition by an English club on six occasions - Manchester United (1965/66 and 1967/68), Derby County (1972/73) and Liverpool (1977/78, 1983/84 and 1984/85).

However, Benfica knocked Tottenham Hotspur (1961/62) and Arsenal (1991/92) out of European competition, and their victory against Manchester United in their last Champions League match put the English club out.

Liverpool have only been put out of Europe by a Portuguese club on one occasion. Vitoria Setubal eliminated them from the 1969/70 Fairs Cup.

European History

Liverpool have won the Champions Cup/Champions League five times, the most recent coming in May 2005 when they won their first Champions League on penalties, from AC Milan.

Their previous successes came in 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1984.

They have also won three Uefa Cups and three Uefa Super Cups.

This season is Liverpool's fourth in the Champions League and their 33rd in European competition.

Benfica won the Champions Cup two years in a row in 1961 and 1962, beating Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively. However, since then they have played in six European finals (five in the Champions Cup) and lost them all.

Benfica have 44 seasons of experience in European competition. However, this is only their third Champions League campaign.

In 1994/95 Benfica were eliminated by AC Milan in the quarter-finals.
In 1998/99 they were eliminated in the Group stage, finishing second in Group F to Kaiserslautern.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here's Helen

It works, go ahead do some blogging!!!