Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Welsh air up for sale on the web

Welsh expatriates missing the sweet smell of home can now buy a bottle of air from the hills of Wales - for 24
If anyone wonders whether it is the real thing, each bottle comes with a certificate guaranteeing the air has been gathered in the Welsh mountains.
The cynical may question whether the air is actually from Welsh hills, and Mr Pryce said: "I'm a businessman and I said, 'Why go all that way? Why not bottle it in Port Talbot?' - although you would have a different colour then.

Everyones memory of Wales may be different. You may have been brought up in North or South, Mid or West Wales. Coast, Countryside or City Whatever your memory, if it fits in a bottle we'll send it to you. Slate, Stone, Sand or Water are just a few ideas which will remind you of your birthplace, school, farm or the place you were brought up.

Fancy giving it a try then visit here


I have just received my bottle of Welsh air and all I can smell is.....sheep!

why aye man

I must score goals
I must score goals
I must score goals...

'only 97 more please Michael, and keep smiling :-)'

Running Diary (2)

I have added a countdown to the half marathon, it can be found below and on the right, just under the number of days that I have been blogging.

Last night I ran 10 miles in 105 minutes (1hr 45 mins), which I thought was fine, I felt as though I was running faster than usual and was trying to push the pace, normally I would just be trying to get through. I felt quite good after the run but have since found looking back on some of times that I have run 10 miles in 1hr 30 min back in June. I find that quite hard to believe.

I would of course be happy to complete the course in one piece but would like to aim for a time of around 2hr 15min (tops).

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Owen set to complete Magpies move!!!!

England striker Michael Owen has agreed to join Newcastle from Real Madrid.

Owen will have a medical on Tuesday with a view to signing a four-year deal with the Magpies, who are believed to have paid a club record 17m for him.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The times they are a changing

Friday, August 05, 2005

What could have been!

... or it would have been if the competition had not already closed!!!