Thursday, May 12, 2005

Looking Good

As a further incentive and to encourage the largest possible number of participants, our agents on Earth, Mind Candy, are able to offer a reward of PCL 2,000,000 which is approximately equivalent to 100,000, $200,000, 150,000 or 20,000,000 to the person who finds the Cube. Mind Candy will also be arranging the distribution and marketing of these cards across your world. They will be selling the cards for PCL50, 2.50 or $5.00 for each pack of six. There is yet more I have planned, but this must all wait for now.

Nine stores from nine major cities across Earth have been chosen to stock the cards at launch. These will be made available from June 2005. They will also be available online at Firebox

...I need the cards, I need them now

Friday, May 06, 2005

A bit harsh

The Football Association has declined to comment on claims it has changed its Champions League qualification policy.
The FA has ruled that the top four Premiership teams will qualify for next season's competition, even if Liverpool win this year's final and finish fifth.

But last season the FA stated on its website that the fourth-placed team would enter the Uefa Cup if Arsenal or Chelsea won the Champions League.

Arsenal and Chelsea were knocked out so the ruling was never enforced.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

New photos now on-line

I have at last got round to uploading some photos to the Flickr account, these include the wonderful camping trip and the visit to Slimbridge. Either click on one of the photos lower down on the right hand side or just click here

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Run Forest Run

In my ongoing attempt to improve my fitness and lose some weight I have taken up running and last night I ran for 10 miles which is the furthest I have run ever!

I am hoping to compete in a half marathon some time in September and will keep you all informed as to how I am doing. If you notice some numbers appearing in some of my entries it will probably be either times, miles or both, do not be afraid.

During this attempt I will mainly be following this programme.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oh so true

Living with a tiny terror.

Take me down to......Perplex City

There have been some developments at Peplex City, it is starting to look interesting!

Academy Master Sente Kiteway's plans for retrieving the Receda Cube were finally unveiled today. Speaking at a press conference, spokesperson Valerian Reynolds confirmed that Kiteway is releasing a card-based puzzle game on Earth, not unlike some of our own PCAG games, with a point system for prestige and ranking. Some of these cards have now been released to 333 individuals on Earth as a limited-edition preview.

"The objective of this game is threefold," said Reynolds. "First, we need to attract attention to our situation, to better our odds of locating the Cube. Second, we have to inform the people of Earth about ourselves and our culture. Third, we hope that this game will encourage the people of Earth to take a playful approach to the problem, leading to more creative thinking."

Letters from the people of Earth to the Sentinel have betrayed confusion; some Cube-seekers appear now to believe that the Cube is merely a "reward" to be awarded to the searcher who accrues the most points. "Even Sente's most vocal opponents don't seriously believe he knows where it is now, and is somehow concealing it," agreed City Council Leader Camryn Scott. "It's simply unthinkable."

Let me know if you are following this.

Spotting the fakers

I have been asked by Helen to mention that she managed to guess all the fake smiles in this on-line test. I thought my 16/20 was a good score but there you go.

Also as mentioned this site should be back to normal now. The name is off-line for the time being!